Tuesday, July 22, 2008

will be watchin watchmen and ...

A couple of movies that got into my radar alert ...

Coolest trailer of the week. Love the way they used one of the Smashing Pumpkins' track (which I can't remember the title of the song) to create that moody atmosphere with blazing visuals.

And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame la la la

Trailer here

the song turned out to be "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" (I can sense one Smashing Pumpkin die hard fan sigh as she was about to msg me with the title but found out that I found the title liao ... thanks anyway ... nowadays its so easy to search the title out with the lyrics)

anyway the song was used for Batman and Robin OST ... yup the film that stink so bad that it nearly killed the franchise and still often do get mention when people rave about Batman Begins n The Dark Knight (yes ... people do like to compare shit and gold)

Mr Fan wonder if it's any indication to use this song for the trailer ... to which I felt that the director is trying to do what Director Nolan is doing (Mr Fan said Mr Nolan is showing both previous Batman directors that how Batman can be Dark and still effective in the Box Office ... aka took the toys they played with and made a masterpiece out of it) ... Mr Snyder might be doing that too, show that an awesome song used for a crappy flick can be reborn and compliment a better flick.

Cant tell much yet ... gotto wait till 20 months later

Flash of Genius

One Man Vs One Big Corporation ... I am sold !

Trailer here

Sixty Six

A Kid wanting his 15 mins of attention on his birthday only to find out that it going to coincide with the world cup final and the country that he is in got a shot at the final ... his misery my entertainment : )

Trailer here

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