Thursday, January 24, 2008

did Tony Leung & Tang Wei actually have sex?

While chatting about movie tricks and stuff ... such as if Johnny Depp did really sing for his Sweeney Todd role and what not...

Name Withheld asked me "Do u think tony leung n tang wei really have sex (in Lust Caution)?"

my reply was "let me show u how it was done !!! i show u la"

Told Mr Fan about it and he quickly said "tell her for free too"

which i thought .... "no no no it could be the start of a career"

just added

Name Withheld asked again : "one eye monster is the cock right???
(but)y (issit called)one eye monster?"

My reply was "if got two eye, then sperms will be flying everywhere liao"

hehehe anyone got better answers ???


Stefan S said...

again you should've showed her why instead lol

richardlimjr said...

maybe i would

and take pictures hor !!

Anonymous said...

yeah lo.... yeah lo.....let the person who asked u the question slap u

richardlimjr said...

hahah there there anonymous one ... hahaha