Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pointless Conversation

I havent caught RAMBO PT 4 yet ... partly becos of the trailer ... check it out below

RAMBO: "I cant help u OUt"

Victim to Be: "pls it will help ppl"

RAMBO: "R U bringing any weapons "

Victim to BE: "of cos not"

RAMBO: "U r not changing anything"

er ... then he ask for what ??? if not bringing then dont ask so much la ... want to bring then dont act act la ... cant believe he is so indecisive ... u know u want to but why hesitate so much ??? and if u dont bring them or rescue them in the end ... there won't be a need for RAMBO pt 4 the movie right ??????

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GUO SHAO-HUA said...

Lampa ... i mean Lambo .. er, Rambo is liddat wan la, always act like girl, coy coy, shy shy.

"come la rescue some ppl"...."dowan la"..."come la"...."dowan la"


"OH, OK LETS GO!!" kill kill, shoot shoot, chop chop, kaboom, bang, ratatat, die die.

the end