Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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While finishing our meal at Orchard Cineplex, Stefan (the big Bollywood fan) took noticed that a Hrithik Roshan look alike, Indian movie star from Krrish (a Bollywood film filmed partly in Singapore) just passed us by ...

Since Mr Fan was such a big fan who went GaGa over the chance meeting, I took my drink and told him let's stalk him and checked out if it was really him ...

(Just an indication on how starstruck Mr Fan was ... he even called our fellow MX Colleague up to check if he knew anything abt the sudden appearance of Hrithik Roshan.)

So we went to check him out and Mr Fan pointed out that he got 6 fingers on his right hand ... something that I never took note of while watching Krrish ... (another indication of fandom here)... Instead of approaching him directly, we followed him to the cinema box office and check him out ... and I confirmed for Mr Fan that he did indeed got that 6 fingers on his right hand ...

Well right then, it was very likely that it was the man himself !

So I took out my camera which was very low on batt and told Mr Fan ... ready when you are ... and needless to say, this post comes with no picture attached to it. Not because it run out of battery as I was worried about but because Mr Fan told me He wasn't in the mode to approach him ...

Jump to later the Night, when I was chatting with the Visitor, it occurred to me that the situation was rather similar to Rambo's trailer ...

and the similarities are

Rambo 4 trailer
Rambo: "u got bring guns"
Victim: "no"
Rambo: "doesnt change a thing"

the Hrithik incident
Stefan: "got 6 fingers or not"
Dick: "yes"
Stefan: "not in a mood to approach him"

Later on ... at the bus stop ... regrets besiege Mr Fan ... specially when he thought of how many bollywood fans might flock to his blog to read his encounter with Mr Big Bollywood Star : )

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