Thursday, March 26, 2009

abt that cream that I sell

I hope my friend will not be offended with this post ... I had a big laugh over her innocent "but slightly slanted" comment

It all got started with
Yesterday at 8:52pm Wxxxxe commented on her Facebook account that
Wxxxxe Wxxg will strive to be happier than before. Cos she deserve it.

then my other fren commented
Samantha Yeh at 10:22pm March 25 via Facebook Mobile
Yeah, happy is always better than angry. At least lesser wrinkles :p

then i added
Richard Lim Jr at 11:43pm March 25
if got wrinkles ... come look for me ... i got wrinkles cream : )

after a long while ... Winnie replied
Wxxxxe Wxxg at 8:21pm March 26
to richard: i din know u have a new sideline!!! Got license or not...or did u diy at home?

her comments got me laughing out loud ... becos

Richard Lim Jr at 8:50pm March 26
self note to Richard > Stop having notti thoughts about home made DIY Facial Cream ...

hahahahaha LOL .... her "innocent" reply was seen in a twisted and perverted angle by yours truly

* Updated - Name Censored to protect the Identify of the Innocent Person from Unnecessary Teasing and Publicity.

And just in case you got no idea what Homemade DIY Facial Cream that I am thinking of ... here is a picture attached to illustrate my "joke"

... yes it can get rather raunchy from this point on so divert your eyes or stop scrolling down anymore ... you been warned

(Picture from Yuma Asami and her studio S1)

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