Friday, March 27, 2009

getting in contact with the past

back in the early days of my Uni Life, I came across 李雨寰's Techino Love album. Not sure how I managed to get to listen to his songs as I don't usually listen to Chinese songs but there's 2 tracks (Techno Love and 不要愛我)inside this album that became somewhat my anthem for my early part of my Uni Life ...

Plus the album's packaging look darn cool ... a plastic slipcase and a velvety black case inside but it was too ex for me to get ... if i didn't remember it wrongly, it was about 30 ++. too costly for me to get since I only liked 2 tracks but the album left a memorable mark.

One of the funny thing that happened with this album was when I shared the song 不要愛我 with a girl that I was involved with. She scolded me for putting her in the mess and then send this song to her. I just thought it was a lovely song ... Not sure if she still remember that incident or not.

Fast Forward it to today ... I went Jalan Jalan with my friend after our Wagyu meal and at a 5 for $3 corner ... I saw something rather familiar and it turned out to be that 李雨寰's Techino Love album!!!!

Guess he didn't achieved fame after all!!! Wasn't expecting to find anything worth buying in this 5 for $3 section so coming across this album (only 2 copies left) gave me a rather unexpected surprise of the day.

Needless to say, I went to find other 4 more CDs to qualify for a $3 purchase. Bringing it home and giving it a spin brought back so much memories : )

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