Monday, January 19, 2009

What goes through your mind when someone says "Let's go for a drink"?

A dear Fren forwarded these couple Beer Ads that demonstrate the different chain of thoughts that both a female and a male go thru when someone says "Let's go for a drink"?

Actually I kinda figured out what is it about ... which is to make fun of the lengthy process of the female brain ... but something occur beyond my Fren's intention which I thought was pretty funny and help to strengthen the differences between Female and Male ... I will explain after the third Ad

Feel Free to Take your time to go thru them properly by clicking on the picture

I was wondering how come there are so many ads about other stuff and it never got straight to sex when it comes to "lets go for a drink" .... then i realize ... this email was forwarded by a female

figures : ) hehehe