Sunday, January 18, 2009

For Vengeance is endless

While Bowling, my Cousin, Aunt and Mom keep contacting me for MJ game ... actually I didn't want to play because there a lot of spring cleaning to do at home ... but my Cousin called and said she wanted revenge ... I just had to give in to her.

I did warn her that it might backfired on her ... however I was also expecting to not do that well as I was pretty tired from bowling ... yeah was almost like a one armed warrior on the MJ table

Anyway the results as you can see ... marks the fourth time in a row of MJ games that I self touch full house
First came a Centipede, the Pong Fa Cai ... and the Pong the Tongs for a Mixed Suit ... a Rat came along which made it Full House and I no longer need to Pong the Bai Ban to get a Full House so I unitized the 4,5,6,7 & 8 Tong to wait for the numerous way of winning ... finally self draw a 3 Tong and game a Man Fu

Total, I won abt 12 bucks ... thought could be used to pay for the bowling games in the morning but turn out that I was 2 bucks short (Bowling Game total was 14 bucks)

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