Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I bought the latest PSB album CD...

even when I wasn't particularly impressed with their latest offering after listening to the whole album (check out the sample page on the post below).

But as a "Hardcore Fan", I still went out to buy their latest Special Edition Cd "YES, ETC" that comes with a extra disc... containing remixes and other songs not included in the normal album.

The thing is that, nowadays CD package comes with Commentary and Making off too. Well not on the CD exactly but the Special CD "ETC" allows the consumer to unlock a special site on Pet Shop Boys' official website for those extra bits.

Dvd's got such cool features but I had never been that interested to actually go check out the extra features that could only be access on the net. But since there isn't much I could do with the CDs as I already heard them, I access for the extra features online for the first time.

Gotten some kinks in the way but it was easily solved (unlike the Firewire card that refuse to work with my PC).

Overall it's fairly interesting to listen to the Boys on what they have to say about their new album, what went on behind the scene and what the songs about. To a certain degree it helped to grow the songs on me (that and repeated listening)

I like to point out some tracks from "Yes" that I'm beginning to like more and more.

King of Rome
the first and still the strongest impression of this song is that it's very daytime dreamscape like ... it invokes the vision of lonely overdressed characters wandering alone in beautiful places like a palace, forest or even the desert.

It's slow in a plodding pace but very whimsical and I enjoyed it for the most part until the change in tune at the finale (which is basically the problem I have with most of the songs in this album .... doing awesome and a sudden change in tune/ tempo that felt awkward)

The most chirpy “hands together” “clap clap” song for me. Was listening to this track on a Friday morning … was still in half-awake mode and this song got me clapping my hands over my head while I made my way to my destination. The tempo is strangely infectious (if I meet anyone, I would just pretend I am stretching .. hehe)

The Way it Used to Be
The regret-reconcile song … “what is left of love… tell me who will even care? So much time has pass, I still see you everywhere”

I don’t really understand “don’t sell me New York in the rain” but I like that line very much.

A grand operatic band marching piece that had invokes a despotic feel to it. And the constant reminder that “you will get over it” does make sense … no matter what causing the unpleasantness or affecting one greatly… “you will get over it”

As again, I didn’t like the sudden change with the French lyrics section and the last bit about handphone seller and computer that’s a spy made very little sense to me.

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