Wednesday, January 23, 2008

being ungrateful

Mr Fan & me had been "fighting" over the recent Cloverfield movie ... one which I thought was enjoyable but overrated and the fanboys are raving over nothing ... but of cos Mr Fan went "OMG OMG OMG" over it ...

he had been sending me url links of Cloverfield ... pointing to sites like the upcoming toy for this movie and the last one was one that revealed Cloverfield wasn't filmed on a consumer camera but was actually with a professional one.

then i msg back
Richard : Admit it, u r a fanboy

Stefan : "Wah u so ungrateful that i educating you on cameras"

Never have I been so amused when people called me Ungrateful : )


Stefan S said...



at least you can rant that there is no way a consumer handheld can achieve quality like that in the movie :D

richardlimjr said...

actually hor ... there was a part where the monster was roaring ... and the camera wasnt facing it ... but the sound quality didn't changed at all ... like there was a soundman that aim the mike at the monster all the time ...

richardlimjr said...

but i think i should bash it at ur blog hahaha