Sunday, July 27, 2008

Slightly Overwhelmed by Dvd Galore

A fren commented that my blog is full of posts about my dvd purchases and it was boring ... so I'm going to lump my excitement into one post in order not to bored my remaining readers

This couple of weeks, I was hit by DVDs all over ... USA, Hong Kong and even Korea ... all thanks to the DD sale, and two friends who went overseas but kanna tasked by me to find dvds (which I am very thankful for)

My First Batch from Deep Discount

Came Last week (took only slightly more than 10 working days, way faster than other Singaporean who order before me) and after sorting out Shaiful and Stefan dvds out, it felt like I bought too few Dvds this time round ... yeah became greedy specially when I saw Shaiful's The Mist 2 Disc Edition.

Watching Red Dragon, I really got the urge to buy Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, in order to watch three of them back to back ... Dodgeball didn't feel so fun watching the second time round but I had fun with the Easter eggs (yes I m such a nerd).

My Second Batch from Hong Kong

I gone and done it again, trouble Linus to buy dvds for me during his usual yearly visit to HK (even tho I swear never again) ... this time, lesser in dvds but it cost more than the last round.

Trivial stuff ... while watching the interview section in A Chinese Odyssey with the director, I realized that Linus actually gotten for me 3 of Director Jeff Lau flicks, A Chinese Odyssey, Chinese Odyssey 2002 and Eagle Shooting Heroes! There are plenty of cross reference to Ashes of Time in that three movies. Tony Leung also starred in 3 of the Dvds in this batch! and last thing that I realized ... almost all the dvds are from Mei Ai! before this batch arrival, all my HK dvds are either from Fortune Star, Universe, Media Asia or Paranoma (and one from Edko) ... Trivial matters but I can't help noticing it.

My Third Batch from Korea

The Most Surprising batch of all ... I wasn't expecting much when I asked Kong to check out a few Dvds for me in Korea and not only did he find almost half of what I am looking for, he got it at half the price of what was listed online website (and most had already declared it as out of stock)

Such as the Le Grand Chef ... which had been listed as sold out by most Korea Online stores and even Yesasia, only one website is selling it and it cost 85 US dollars (excluding shipping which work out to another 20 US dollars)

then there the Host Limited Collector 4 Disc Edition ... which is suffering the same fate as Le Grand Chef too ! Not really a fan but the packaging looks really nice ... so nice until I cant bear to open the shrink wrapping!

Even Managed to get the Good The Bad and the Weird Ost for me (which I'm listening to while writing this post)

so happy with my increasing collection of dvds but I am kinda running out of space to store them : )

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