Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quote from Chinese Odyssey 2002

Li Yilong:
"Often, if one loves too deeply, it is intoxicating
If one hates too long, the heart is easily shattered
The Most painful experience in life, however, is waiting
I dont know how long she waited.
I thought all along I would never see her again.
Suddenly, I didnt know what to say
I couldn't figure out how to say ...
to tell her i really love her"


kong said...

damn emo sia

richardlimjr said...

very wkw-ish .... bits of Chinese Odyssey 2002 felt like it's mocking WKW (in a good way) and bits of it feels like it did a darn good job in paying homage

dont know why ... I still go teary up when I watch that bit ...