Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dont Stay out too Late!

... cos it's that time of the year again!!!

I'm aware of the commencement of the festival but I had forgotten about the staying out late bits until my friend reminded me. Personally it was rather amusing piece of news because last night, I actually chose to stay out later than usual. I actually ate alone at Centerpoint Mac after a late night movie, something that I normally don't do as I ta bao / buy back.

Anyway, after that alert, I became more aware of things going around me and when I was waiting for my lift to descent to the ground floor, I sense that the lift to the other alternate levels was open for an awful long time.

Normally the lifts come equipped with sensors that would automatically close after people had enter or left the lift. It will remain open only if someone is standing at the lift door way.

I took a peek over my shoulder and realize ... it's still opened after quite a long while ... and something isn't right, nothing's blocking the door. I wonder was it because the sensor detected something and therefore it wasn't able to close the door. ... mustering my courage, I turned around and take a closer look and discover ...

lift rosak (spoiled) ... hahahahahahaah

this post is made possible by Khaw AiLing and special thanks to my informer.

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cherry said... scary n funny!!! hahaha