Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Koufu @ Orchard Cineleisure

There are two stalls in Koufu Orchard Cineplex that got me hooked with their food ... no more wondering what to eat when I watch movies at Orchard Cineplex or pay for the expensive fast food anymore

Mr & Mrs Fish Soup's Dumpling

I had their fried dumpling and wasn't really impressed with it ... then one night, after watching a movie, my friend order this dish (the plain boiled version) and shared it with me .... I was hooked! love the dumpling skin for not being too starchy (that can make one sick of eating it) ... the filling inside is equally perfect for me ... for me .. this is the perfect dumpling that I been looking for ... if the dumpling is a girl, I will marry her immediately ... : )

beside those perfect dumplings ... the pasta pretty good too

Pizza Pazza's Black Pepper SoftShell Crab Pasta

Anything with Soft Shell Crab would bound to catch my attention ... the Black Pepper was a deterring factor for a couple of sec but I decided to try and was hooked to the crispy Soft Shell Crab and the yummy pasta ... who would knew that the crab n pasta would go so well together ??? def good enough to give the pasta restaurant above a run for their money.

Beef Lasagna

After too many repeats of the Crab pasta, I tried their Beef Lasagna and was impressed with it too ... the sweet cheesy layer on top of the pasta ... yum ...

Go try this two stalls when you are there : )

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