Monday, March 09, 2009

Got a buck to spare?

Dear Friends who are reading my blog ... Do you have a buck to spare?

The reason that I am asking you for a buck is because I would like to take part in a 48 hours film project and the entry cost S$100. As you know, I am not very well to do but has a fiery passion for film making ...

Basically this sort of fly by night event help wannabe filmmakers like us to stop finding excuse to not do that film project that we been dreaming off (i.e Procrastination). Cos of the short time span and the schedule film dates (1st May for this event), it's either we die die finish something by that deadline or lugi that 100 bucks ...

so far we have not failed to meet the deadline (well we only been to one such event many many years ago but still, you can trust us! ).

Anyway, a bright spark came into my mind... At first, I wanted to target my lovely Aunts and Uncles or other form of relatives or loaded friends to sponsor me (and my group mates ... if I can find any) for this event... but Loki suggested that instead of finding 10 such people to sponsor S$10 each, why not 100 friends to fork out S$1 each ... it's equally feasible !!!

I thought it's a great idea ... don't discriminate those who want to help ... no matter small or big ... those who is willing to help, S$1 also can ! of cos ... the bigger ur donation, the bigger ur names will appear on the credit ... if you give a sum that we are so grateful for ... we will even put ur name as producer !

Think about it ... your name in a film ! : ) in the meantime, don't kick me away if I come to u and beg ask for sponsorship

Updated! Those who sponsor 10 bucks and above, will get a Dvd of our finish product free : )

Feel free to ask for my POSB / DBS Bank account number to transfer the money if u r not free to meet up with me : )

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