Friday, January 09, 2009

The Luck Continues

not exactly 自摸满胡 ( Zi Mo Man Hu) x 2 but close ... it's Man Hu 满胡 x 2 (once Zi Mo自摸)at my Aunt place : )

Since My Cousin didn't get to play Mahjong with me the last time round, she ask my Aunt to organise one session with her friend. I took time off to keep them "accompany" and end up slaughtering them ... hahaha

Gotten 2 Flowers which aren't mine ... then I managed to Gong the North Wind (1 Tai & 40 cents from each player). Afterwhich, I gotten the most of the Dong Zi ... but before I gotten the winning tile, I drew a Cat (1 Tai) and right after getting that, the next tile was the winning tile and that result with extra Tai (call Flower Up). Plus the Mix Suit (which is 2 Tai), there a total of 5 Tai and it's self drawn : ) hahahaha I hope I don't make the girls cry

The next Man Hu 满胡, I gotten a Hen (1 Tai) first. Follow by a Fai Cai Gong (1 Tai plus 40 cents per pax). After which, it's a Mix Suit (2 Tai) and my dear cousin threw a North Wind Tile (1 more Tai) for me to game . Tho it wasn't self drawn ... it's still a 5 Tai : )

Later on, my Cousin's mom came along .... She is a very fast player with mental math calculation that really beyond My Aunt, My Cousin and Mine ability ... plus a bit tired from one very slow round, so couldn't perform as well as the previous round and end up losing abt 2 bucks : ) Not too bad cos consider I "technically" won 33+bucks from the previous round (technically cos got to divide by two for the sake of the junior players)

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