Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ah Wang Shine On

Short Story Long ... the incident of this afternoon episode happened a few weeks ago.

My dear old old friend ZVS asked me for help in solving certain anagram at this CSC website. It was for a contest that had a couple PSP n Nintendo handheld console as top 3 prize. While I wasn't much of a help in solving it (even after using certain webbased program), I "helped" to verify that he got the right answer. The catch of this contest was that if there are more than 3 winners, the draw will happen at the CSC lobby and the winners must be there in person to collect the winnings or they will pick the next winner.

So ZVS and I arranged to meet up on that draw date (which is today) to bowl while waiting for the draw (see if we are so lucky or not). Then an email came and notify us that there are more than 3 correct entries so we got to go down in person. But alas, there weren't any lanes available on that day. Either got too many ppl with the same idea or it's booked for competition ... which I am not sure what it was.

Anyway ZVS, being the kind soul helped me get a 1GB ram for my slow slow PC and since he wanted to go for this draw, I thought of meeting him there. A couple of times, he wanted to drop by my place but somehow it never happened, so in the end, we met at the CSC for the RAM.

This morning ... I wanted to wear a Tee Shirt n Berms there but a funny thought came to my mind and that's "Better Dress Up, In case win something". Plus I need to send stuff after this even, so I wore my working polo T n Jeans, gel my hair so won't look so unkempt. Then I even msg my mom, tell her I will be back in the afternoon to deliver stuff, after I collect "something". As again, when I wrote "something", PSP flash past my mind and I was pretty amused with my own thoughts.

Reaching the CSC lobby, it was crowded with many many old folks ... they had a car draw before the PSp draw. After a few unclaimed winners, the lady who stood beside (and suddenly disappeared to the front) suddenly put up her hand as the first female winner was announced. I thought that's pretty lucky of her ... and thought of moving nearer to the stage as the crowd disperse after the car winner was announced.

The first two winners were old ladies ... there are some winners around my age or as young as being born in the 90s but they remained unclaimed. Then it was the first Prize Draw! ... at that point, I actually wanted to leave as I felt stupid standing there in anticipation while ZVS and family members were sitting at a cafe at the back and all the winners turned out to be aunties (whom I don't think they would even play the PSP)

Then when the big shot inserted his hand into the bowl (containing the lucky draws), I had another ESP flash ... and when the MC said the name of the 1st prize winner is (in the Same Slow and Pause a While manner)

LIM (Me Thinking: "ME ME ME")

LI (Me Thinking: "HALF WAY THERE ... JUST 1 More")

HIN (Me Thinking: "HOLY PSP !!!")

I was as elated as the above picture !!! hahah the MC even asked if I am Richard which sort of confirm any doubts that I got ! haha so brimming with joy .... shook hands with Mr Big Shot whom commented it was "worth the wait huh"

Funny thing was that no one took pics of me during the prize giving moments but gotten dear old nice ZVS to take some for me later on ...

hahaha so happy .... Feeling Very Wang now !! Must treat ZVS to a good meal! I will Make Salted Egg Crabs for him to eat ! hahaha

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