Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's so hard to shop in DVD/ CD Retail shop

Disclaimer: I might sound a bit ungrateful here but that's not my intention ...

One of my Birthday Gifts was this voucher for a local Dvd/Cd retail store and I haven't had the time or chance to visit the store to check out what I could redeem for myself.

Finally, today I went down to one of the stores along the Orchard Rd stretch and I realized how difficult it was to get something from a Dvd/Cd retail store. These are the few things that went into my mind when I was shopping "frantically" and "desperately" (tho the voucher expire mid to late this year).

1) I don't buy Code 3 dvds made in SG (Unless it's a local movie).

2) I find it hard to buy Code 1 Dvds from there cos 1) I know how much cheaper I could get from the online seller, 2) this shop tends to "fake" Code 1 Dvds with Canadian Dvds instead of US Dvds (Nothing wrong except there are French wordings on the cover)

3) I haven't buy a Cd for a long time (I blame Mp3)

4) Most of the Cds that I am even remotely interested are actually printed in SG or Malaysia! (ya the country which censored James Album Cover becos it featured a Pig on the cover) More reason for point number 3

5) Was tempted to get a headphone for jogging but then again, I am sure I can get it cheaper online.

6) The Sale items are in a mess ... not sort according to genre, singer or what so ever .... so unless you got the time to go thru the CDS

7) I can't help but feel that this shop which offers second hands Cds/Dvds (aka buying from customers in rock bottom price) might be reselling second hands stuff as first hand stuff.

8) Even after discounting from a Member card, it's still more expensive than Online sellers!!!

Yeah ... just didn't realize it was that hard to shop ... but thankfully, I managed to get one item using those vouchers (thanks to those who share the vouchers) and I really like the item (which is still more ex than online sellers).

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