Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Chek Ark am I?

Chek Ark means Cruel / Being Wicked in Hokkien

Recently, I had needles and pins in my leg (after sitting cross legged for "too long"). I was chatting with my friend and my expression "sour up" due to the "unpleasant" feeling going thru my leg.

My friend asked me what's wrong and I told her that I was having the needles and pins right then.

Unexpectedly, she start kicking my leg! I was pretty stunned and wondered for a while if she was trying to help me out in some strange way. I also thought it was damn cruel to do such stuff to someone who is pretty much immobile due to that situation.

So I asked her ... Why is she kicking me when I'm in "pain"?

Her answer was a even more stunning one ... it turned out that I actually did that to her before !

I was speechless at how Chek Ark I was capable of !!! there are just things that I did which constantly impressed the heck out of me! ... yeah so don't ever tell me if you are having cramps in the leg ... or tell me that you need to go to the loo ... cos I take satisfaction at being so Chek Ark

22 Dec 08

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