Saturday, December 20, 2008

Becoming Fish Food

I been feasted on by mosquitoes ... tho I didn't really like it, I been planning to be the buffet for fishes after watching some documentary which showed a certain country that provide such "torture"...

While the European version allows the "victim" to soak their body in the water while the fish feast on them, SG version only got a feet version (they called it fish spa and charged 10 bucks for 10 mins)

Truth be told, even tho I wasn't so frighten like my friend was, when I inserted my feet into the water, the frenzy nibbling of my feet felt like I was attacked by a bunch of piranhas (of cos pain and gross level turned down a few notches).

The funny thing was that after I soak my feet for a good whole 3 to 5 mins, I turned to check my friends (to see if she is enjoying the treatment or not) and to my horror, her feet are still above the water!

I don't know if she is trying to bait the fishes or just like to waste spend money in such way, I was shocked she haven't "jump" in like I did. Had to push her feet in to "suffer" the same way as me.

Was kinda tempted to escape from such "torture" but I resisted and didn't flutter kick these poor hard working fishes (unlike my partner). Taking a closer look, the fishes look like those you can get from fish shops and their nibbling was actually quite fun.

Had so much fun that the ten mins finished rather quickly ... but was told to go to the middle pool where there are the bigger fishes. Promoted to play with the big fishes now : )

These Big Fishes, tho fewer in numbers and they don't swam towards thy feet, their bite was more "painful" and could really feel them taking a "big" bite. Tho it's strangely enjoyable, I prefer the mini workers at the smaller fish pond. More bites , Less painful : )

at the end, I am not sure what kind of therapy am I getting nor does my feet feel any better than it was feeling prior to submerging my feet into the fish pond. It was fun and I don't mind having another go at the 30 mins ... just to feel so many little mouths nibbling at my feet

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