Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kok Kee Wanton Noodle @ Lavender Food Centre

Just brought one overseas friend to makan the famous Bugis Wanton Noodle and one of the stuff I told her about my history with this noodle stall actually surprised myself (Yeah ... Sometimes I make myself go "What The ???")

It turned out that the earliest memory of eating out would most likely be from this Stall. It also meant that the first dish that I could actually remember eating or became fond of eating would be Wanton Mee (from this stall).

Back when they were still in Bugis Street (I think that street was called Hak Gai - Black Street) and on the road sides with kerosene lamps. They were the first stall from what I had always remembered as the Main Street.

I never thought of what would be the first dish that I remember eating nor which stall would register in my mind first. But after telling my friend how my folks n I used to go eat this stall's Wanton Mee when I was very young, I realized that this stall is the first food stall that I actually remember.

Sadly, it was my Grandpa's death that brought me back to this stall after many many years ... We were attending his funeral arrangement at the Funeral place nearby and afterwhich, my uncle suggested having lunch over at Lavender Food Center.

Nowadays, whenever I am near this Food Centre, I will pop by and eat from this stall. The Noodle is simply fantastic with the watery gravy. The Char Siew n Wanton is so so only in my book.

How to find the stall?

well, they will always be having a long queue in this Food Centre ... it isn't that hard to spot ... just don't have Yong Tau Foo beside this stall ....

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