Monday, July 02, 2007

the most disgusting thing i ever saw a hawker did in front of me

Was a bugis, queuing for my fave wontan mee and I saw something that I swear I will never consume any food from the yong tau fu store beside the wontan mee ... (u shouldn't too!)

the aunty from the yong tau fu was shifting a bowl of sliced bittergourds onto a tray but she did it so sloppily that the sliced bittergrourd fell over the tray and one dropped onto the floor ... (mind u , it's those floor that looked more dirty than normal one ! )

She picked up all those that dropped onto the table and placed it back onto the tray ... which was still acceptable to me but the one that I was most interested was what was she going to do to that one that dropped onto the floor underneath the table ... would she leave it alone since it's only one (but hey! that one bittergrourd income short ...)

she bend down, picked it ..... and eat it !

nahhhhhh... not that disgusting (at least not for her own sake) ... but when she picked it up .... my curiosity spiked !!! what the heck will she do to that sliced bittergourd that didn't fall according to her whims ?!?!?!

initially I thought she put it on another smaller tray so that it won't get mixed up and perhaps throw it away later but it turn out that tray was filled with water and she dipped it in n wash the fallen one ... after she is satisfied with the standard of the bittergourd's cleanliness, she placed it back with the other comrades

at that point ... I thought her actions was still acceptable ... at least she washed the dirty bittergourd

she continued with her work with the bittergourd, filling them with meat paste ... and after that ... guess what her next action !

roll over to reveal her action
she dipped the sliced bittergourd filled with meat paste back onto the same tray of water she used to wash the fallen sliced bittergourd !!!

Wah piang !!!!

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Stefan S said...

the worst i saw was a hawker using his hands to massage his foot - mind you it was those revolting foot that smells and have toe jam.

An order came, and without washing his hands, he proceeded to grab a slab of char siew and cut it for char siew rice