Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IP is The Man Pt 2

The first thing I told my friends after the show ended was that I am going to eat my words (in regards to Ip Man). Although some insider source told us that this movie was going to be packed with action sequences but low on plot, I thought it was a pretty decent story with super duper fighting that better than Huo Yuan Jia (cos it's more grounded in reality type of fighting that wire-fu). One of the better acting performance by Donnie Yen and for once (in a long time), I can't wait until the next excuse to stage another fight scene!

Highly Recommended ... feel like bringing my Nephew to watch this! Since he is a big Fan of Huo Yuan Jia. oh and my one liner review for this will be

"Way better than Fearless and SPL"

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