Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How to get the Girl : )

During my visit to my friend's hometown in Sandakan, I managed to catch this TVB Hong Kong series by Dayo Wong. He played the famous Wong Fei Hong ... arch rival, Gan Yan Kin. It was in Canto but without English Subs and I felt the picture quality wasn't as nice as ones we get on SCV.

Anyway, it's finally being played in Singapore's Cable TV.

The Concept is quite unique as any Movie or Tv Series featuring Wong Fei Hong would normally place him as the lead but in this comedy, the focus is on the baddie, a reverse from the norm.

What makes this series so appealing to me in this series is how they contrast these two characters and demostrating why there are girls who like "bad" guy (Men not bad, Woman No Likie ah). hehehe even used this TV series to "teach" a friend of mine who is too nice to the ladies. Must be notti a bit ... tease the girls more and take advantage when possible ... hahaha

Loved this series so much that I even nicked myself as Gan Yan Hin (Hin is the last character of my official Chinese first name). FYI Gan Yan means the Wicked One. If only I can be as Gan as the Man : )

The series is coming to an end on SCV cable tv but not to worry ... Channel 8 or U will pick up soon.

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