Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Movie that made me felt like an Alien

I am often in the minority when it comes to liking and disliking a movie. That kinda doesn't really make me a good movie reviewer to the masses but let's not touch on too much about that (or I might be out of "job").

What really surprised me was that when I spoke to friends who had seen this movie, they all gave it the thumb down! Not average, ok la or can do ... it's the "it's bad" type of feedback ... so far, there are 5 of my friends who said that to me and it's haven't reach the opening weekend! I really felt like an alien for sitting on the edge of my seat thru out this movie.

there are a lot of things i liked about this movie ... how it didn't preach the message and instead share with the audience in a very "personal" manner and smaller scale way which felt like the good old days of doing serious a film with serious issue. Or maybe I shared the same view as the Alien visiting Earth and saw/enjoyed how the different characters in this film represent the different aspect of Human nature.

the only thing I didn't like about this film was that I would prefer the ending to be more open ended but I guess there will probably cause more outrage with the viewers.

While talking to one friend who didn't like this film, our chat reminded me of this chat I had with a pretty poly mate many many years ago. It was about a film called Contact and it was about making the contact with Aliens. She was very vocal about it being a very bad sci fi movie. I enjoyed it very much and asked she didn't like it and her reason was that (potential spoiler so scroll over) there wasn't any alien lifeform (as the alien appeared in a human form) presented in this movie (potential spoiler end) . Was dumbfounded about it cos that wasn't the point that I got from the movie and I felt that the same case with this ...

is there no one out there that might share the same view for this movie? ... haiz

Alien Lim signing off ...

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