Thursday, October 30, 2008

Success! Wasabi Prawns

I once "taught" my ex maid how to make Wasabi Prawns from a Sunday Newspaper article and ever since then, she would make this dish when the family actually ate at home ... it got till a point that I felt it was once too often

anyway ... she left and this dish had been on my mind ... and ever since I was making that hamburger dish (at the previous post), I been toying with the idea to make this dish again. That is without the help of my dear ex maid ...

The first attempt was a failure ... never read about it ? cos i don't post things that failed ... the biggest problem with that first dish was the mayo sauce ... it turned out to be way too bitter and there isn't any wasabi taste to it ... and I suspect that the prawns ain't cook yet but my Mom reassure that they are

The main problem with the first failure was that I didn't follow the recipe and I was doing too many things at once (did a curry cheese burger and U can guess how that turned out).

So this time round, it was only this Wasabi Prawns (and bugogi beef but I m quite good with that already). Before the prawns even get peeled, I followed the online recipes to the T and discover what was missing from the previous attempt! it was the secret ingredient ! and when I discovered what it was that gave the sauce a 180 degree turned, I knew why my maid kept making this Wasabi Prawns ... it was quite easy and beside the mayo, the secret ingredient is the only other important ingredient that must be included in this special sauce ... yeah you can dump the wasabi powder away.

why throw the wasabi powder away? u might ask ... cos actually I still can't get that wasabi taste in this mayo sauce ... haha actually technically this Wasabi Prawns was a failure but the Mayo Prawns was a success ! but lets not be so strict with me

doesn't it make you drool ?? wanna get some ?? please queue up ... I already got 3 different request after reading my msn nick : )


Anonymous said...

i still think the ones lisa made look better.. haha!!

richardlimjr said...

It's been a long time since I heard someone else beside my Mom and I; mention her name : ) glad you are still stalking my blog

I still think my Wasabi / Mayo Prawns look better ... I gave them that arty farty placement and spread of sauce ... Lisa's one is just rojak rojak mix together

and my prawns were so good that my Mom actually finished the plate of Prawns I served her ... it never happened before ! usually there will be plenty of leftovers

I bet Lisa must be sneezing somewhere in Jurong area : )