Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Coming again and this time, it's

25 % off instead of the usual 20 % off !

DDD having an extra 5% off this time round to entice those who are having the recession blues... but I also noticed some of the titles I shortlisted are being marked up more than it's previous Jun / Jul sale ... so technically this extra 5% off is a bit BS

and learning from last year experience, I m waiting till 27th - 28th Nov when Black Friday hits the states ... see if I can pick any really good lobang then

otherwise, I don't really have anything that I want to get ... feel free to buzz me if you want any, I see if I can consolidated a shipment or not.

starting 7th NOV till 23rd NOV

* Updated : Shaiful said he will be having a batch before the 23rd ...those who want to take a gamble and wait till BF, can join me on the second order before 27 - 28th

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