Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this pen is not company one

We need to transfer money overseas and usually my Dad is the one doing the transfer ... the first step would be to fill up a form and there are plenty of stuff to fill up ... address, amount and bank account numbers

When we were about to head to the bank, I realized that the amount was incorrectly filled and had to change ... seeing my dad just wrote the first one, I told him I will rewrite the next one as there are quite a lot to fill up ...

then when I tired to take the pen he just used to fill the first form, he took it away and said "this pen is not company one"

I stared at him blankly and couldn't believe he just did that to me .. I turned and look at my Mom who was busy texting ... I tried to bring what had happen to her attention and her reply was "as least he told you nicely"

I drew a even bigger blank ... When she finally knew what had transpired ... she was laughing with me at my Dad stinginess

later he explained that a lot of his own personal pen got lost when the company borrowed it ... so no more lending ... I just can't believe the line must draw until like that

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