Friday, September 12, 2008

Soloist Milk Real Time

Still on the Robert Downey Jr. high ... plus Jamie Foxx and that good old tale of becoming friends with a crazy guy .... just can't get enough of these combo that coming faster than those drum games in arcade : )

Milk trailer gave me a feeling that Sean Penn is going to get nominated for Best Actor in many many upcoming awards.

Among all the trailers I caught this morning, Real Time was the most played one and it was becos of this one line that the assassin said to Andy the compulsive gambler when he begged to God for one more chance ...

"One more chance to do what ?"

well it was built on the previous line that he said

"making stupid bets, stupid choices ... that not bad luck, that just stupid"

I'm hooked on the angel of death concept, the last hour of one person's life angle and addiction in life, you know what's wrong but it's so hard to get rid of it

old recycled plot but Ricky Gervais's performance make it compelling for me to catch Ghosttown.

touchy-ly funny

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