Friday, July 04, 2008

Holy Bat Toys

Yeah ... the Bat Fad is coming soon ... and while shopping at a nearby supermarket, I found that the cereal box are packing toys from the Dark Knight.... Although not as nice as the Iron man Toy that I gotten, I just couldn't pass the Joker up

Potential Spoiler below ... read at ur own risk

Looking at the back of the Box, I saw this guy wearing suit and had a hood over his head ... initially I thought it was Mr Dent with a Hood to cover his secret up but looking at the character title, I was kinda surprise to find that it's actually Scarecrow

Kinda Outdated right ?? to be included in the Dark Knight range of toys? but speaking to Stefan, it turned out that it could be that ...

Scarecrow might be in The Dark Knight too !!! there are rumours about it and some folks got pictures of it somewhere online .... if that's true, then it will at least make sense to include the Scarecrow

don't know why, I want to keep away from all news from The Dark Knight after the spoilish new trailer but this discover kinda got me all excited !

oh and it's cheaper .. only $5+ compared to the Ironman toy that cost $8+

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