Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Overpriced Toy I wanna get

Object image might look bigger than it actually is Object is the same size as the above image

After watching the "not so nice" Speed Racer, I went down to GV snack bar area to wait for Loki and Stefan who are watching in another cinema .... and I came across this Iron Man toy that I actually don't mind forking out 9 bucks for their overpriced popcorns n coke for.

It's actually War Machine but I thought it's pretty cool ...
Just Imagine it says: "Repulsor Rays" and shoot a beam of ray across .... nuff' said


Anonymous said...

hahaha....repulsor ray.... i wonder the words would be printed on pants or not. i will get one if there is hahaha.... could pair it with the simpson one

richardlimjr said...

Now why would i want to be repulsive in that region?

: )