Saturday, May 03, 2008

the cordless wonder

I broke the antenna of my house's only cordless phone that's connected to the landline while helping to fix my room's overhead projector ... in order to continue to use it, I tried to attach the broken piece of antenna back to the cordless phone by using scotch tape

but then again, it's flimsy and came off on it's own ... the worst part was that it went missing when I need to use it ... I could have use it nearer to the main reception but would very much prefer to use it in my room which is far away and would have so much interference that would render it impossible to talk on the phone ...

so I went looking around for metallic object to help extend the reach of the cordless phone's antenna and I found

aluminum foil !

Yup! it's a little great "invention" of mine ... the foil could be easily rolled up and fixed onto the phone's antenna outlet and it actually helps with the transmission : ) can't stop giving myself pad over the shoulder for this hahahaha

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