Saturday, May 03, 2008

HandCock "way too much" trailer

Mr Fan once send me a link to a review that reviewed the movie based on the trailer. It's a disturbing trend cos the review was quite spot on. It's either movies nowadays are so similarly structured or the trailer reviewed too much that there's hardly any surprise anymore ...

Caught the HanCock's latest trailer at Yahoo Movies (which doesn't load as well as youtube and it's quicktime gives me trouble that Apple Trailers never did before, so not exactly my fave place to view trailers ... but anyway back to wat I was about to say .... ) and the trailer review keep popping in my head ... I think I am able to tell what's going to happen in HandCock ... at least 3/4 of the way and I can guess what's going to happen in the end

So might contain Spoilish content below which I am Guessing from the Trailer

Will Smith's Hancock starts as an irresponsible Superhero who don't care how much damage he cause while trying to do good. It got up till a point where Jason Bateman, a PR man and likely a friend, to show him the problems in his action. He probably had a change of heart (with involvement of Charlize Theron cos you don't put a big name in this movie and don't let her do anything that get involves with the change in the lead character) but it's too late as the courts decided to jail him for the damages that he had caused.

In Jail, crime rate rises and soon, he will need to be released and this reformed superhero with the PR help of Jason Bateman will soon gain the public approval once again.

Of cos cannot just end in this manner. For the little blink and you'll miss revelation in this trailer, I bet there will be another character with super power and this super villain's revelation or power gaining will take place through out the movie, with little bits littered everywhere. And I'm betting it will be power like Storm or Telekinetic sort of power. Should end in a happy ending but with HanCock going thru one of the "hardest fight" of his life and the city is likely to underwent major destruction which Hancock will help to repair with his superpower.

(Spoiler Ends)

It might be non chronological but otherwise, it essentially the same. I think I'll be skipping this but folks who read this blog n either plannign to watch this or die die has to catch every single movies one, please let me know how far am I off the mark.

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