Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dirty Jokes Time

Just Saw a thread at Dvdtalk for Dirty JOkes and while some are old, some was quite new n funny to me ...

Three little old ladies were sitting on a park bench.

The town flasher came and showed them his all!

Well, the little old lady on the left had a stroke.

The little old lady in the middle had a stroke, too.

The little old lady on the right didn't have a stroke, though, because her arms weren't quite long enough.

JOke 2
How do you know when your girlfriend is too fat?

(ROLL OVER for Answer)
when she can fit into your wifes clothes!

JOke 3
Who is the best secretary in the world to have?

(ROLL OVER for Answer)
The one that never misses a period.

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