Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iron Man Rocks

Iron Man joins X-Men, Spider-Man (the first two and not the last one) & Batman (The Nolan Reboot)as the Best Superhero Comics brought onto the big screen and like those other movies, it deserves a sequel of their own, specially if Director Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr are on board.

I have seen craps like Ghost Rider & Daredevil, both directed by a "supposedly comic fan" director who took all the "good stuff" from those characters's long tenure in comics and yet still managed to whip out a piece of crappy movie. Director Jon Favreau on the other hand, took a second rate superhero (IMHO) and made him distinctive and interestingly likable. Mainly because he picked the right actor, Robert Downey Jr for the role of Tony Stark (the man behind the Iron Man suit) and the effort to tell the slow build up / construction of Iron Man.

Of cos there are some plot holes in this flick (even Batman Begins had quite a few too) but then again, overall, this flick managed to capture the essence of Iron Man's history and made it enjoyable with it's energetic computer generated special effects, the minor references that will make fanboys drool and the potential it can achieve in it's following sequels.

Without a Doubt, Iron Man is a strong contender for my Top Ten of 2008 .... If only Iron Man comics are as good as this movie.

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