Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ultramen Alert

Picture from Ultraman Lah

Fans of Ultraman (like Stefan, Andrew & Me) who can't get enough of the Ultra team up in the last Ultraman 40th Anniverary Celebration Movie, Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers, it seems that our wish for more such Ultramen Teamup is coming true!

Not 3, Not 4 but 8 Ultramen in one Movie !!! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers will features Ultraman Mebius, the four senior Ultraman Brothers, (Ultraman, Ultraman 7, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Jack) and Ultraman TDG (Tiga, Dyna and Gaia).

But not all news are good news. First of all, It would be preferable that the focus would be on the newer Ultraman but it seems that the lead Ultraman in this movie would be Ultraman Tiga which was rather disappointing. FYI, Ultraman Tiga's human role is played by a member of V6, a J-Pop group and I believed that guy will be back and V6 will be providing the theme song ....

I feel that it's because the Ultra 4 brothers did very well in box office so that guy from V6 decided to return to cash in on the buzz ... I am not sure how popular V6 is in Japan but for folks like me, I don't really like to see such creative inputs from a pop band (unless they are from SMAP)

Then the storyline which I found at Wiki .... tsk tsk, they are reusing one of the plotline from Ultraman Gaia's movie where there parallel universe and normal folks who wish to be like their TV superhero finally gotten their chance after some crossing over ... tsk tsk tsk sound like a bad idea to me

Nevertheless, let's hope that this movie is more in line with the 40th Anniversary Movie and eventually makes it's way to Singapore in one format or the other. I am sure there's at least one young Ultraman fan who will cream his pants when he read this news! (trouble is that it's too late now and it's his nap time)

Check it out! the trailer here (ultra2008.jp)
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Thanks to Stefan for the wonderful alert! !

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