Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Stupid .. I know

Today, I finally got around to call a technician to come fix my snowy TV ... (a little recap for those who don't follow my blog religiously; My TV gone faulty about one month ago ... it can still play dvd video on it as there's nothing wrong with the AV channels but the IF channel got crazy and turn all video thru that channel snowy)

part of the reason I didn't want to fix it was because I knew that it's going to cost $$$ ... partly I was weighting the pros n cons of getting a new TV (been eye-ing certain plasma tv) vs the constant repair that my old TV is demanding ... in the end, I can't bear to abandon this old TV and missing too many HK movies on Channel 62 that I called the "cheaply advertised but not so when arrived" technician

going thru the "minor" problem, the technician quote me $120 for fixing ... which I managed to lower to $100 (ya I am a bad bargainer I know ... add that to the list of stupid things I did for this TV)

after fixing the TV IF channel, the lazy O' Me finally decided to bring the analog SCV cable tv set up boxes to change to the digital ones ... here where I realize I just wasted $100 bucks ... the new digital boxes come with Audio and Video channel ... something that's not faulty with my Old TV ...

meaning, if I brought the set up boxes to change earlier, I would had discover that I don't even need to fix the tv in the first place ! Plus there was a free few days all access to SCV cable channels which I could had used to watch NBA 2008 Finals with on ESPN ...

I'm so dumb ... dumb dumb dumb and lazy ... what a deadly combo

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