Saturday, June 21, 2008

A life for sale

Yahoo! just posted this news article, about this guy who is selling his life (his house, his job, his friends and other things he own) on ebay ... The reason being that his wife left him for another guy and everything he owned, the life he had in Perth are a stigmatic reminder of the past.

I thought that a bloody cool idea ... can even make it into a movie with the twist being that just when he was able to sell everything away, he met n fell in love again with someone who had to stay there ... or sell everything to someone who he eventually fall in love with !

But jokes and crappy love story aside ... I thought it's a cool idea to leave everything behind and go start something new ... I just hope that his ghost will not follow him to haunt him and a new location / new life will bring some amazing changes to him ... I can relate to being in a geographic location which ur ex still lived in and places / events / things that will invokes unwanted memories ...

actually I am tempted to bid too ... ironically, he is staying in South Perth, a place that I was dying to leave because of relationship woes ... now I am so tempted to move back to the quiet place but then when is the running away going to end ?

Check out his sites at . If you want, You can buy it on Ebay

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