Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Mood and My Funeral song

Neil Diamond - If I Don't See You Again

If there is this one song that can be used to describe My Mood now and a song that I think I want to be played during My Funeral ... this one will be it

Haven't been to HMV for a long time and I decided to drop by today to see if I can find the Sparrow OST (which I found that that HMV got very limited rack space for Asian OSTs)

Was walking around and they played this song in the store ... the soulful voice and the lyrics got me walking to the counter to find out who sang it ... I almost bought the album just because of this song

Lyrics Here


Anonymous said...

when i saw the title i was shocked! wat funeral?-worried cherry

richardlimjr said...

actually I think my this post worried a couple of friends ... death comes to everyone eventually , I am just thinking that it make a good song to play as it sang "if I don't see you again" ... cos I won't be seeing you when I am gone ...

Death is not that terrible la

Anonymous said...

how u know???

richardlimjr said...

then how u know death is that terrible ?