Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess how Many Movies did I Paid for this Year ?

My friend ask me this question, when was the last time I paid for a movie ticket and while going thru my list of movies I watched in a Cinema or similar setting, I was surprised to find that it took a while before I finally found the last Movie that I actually paid for

Eventually I found that it was Sweeney Todd back in early Feb ... didn't like it and wished that they spoke instead of attempting to sing their lines

and since I was near the list of movies I watch this year, I scroll down somemore and guess what I found out ... it turned out that I only paid for 2 movies this year ... and how many movies had I seen in a cinema ??

Technically, it was 50 ... and can you believe I only paid for 2 out of the 50? I gotto thank my friends who are nice enough to ask me to watch with them and my dear webmaster ....

still 2 out of 50 ... amazing, I don't know how I managed to do it ... and think about it, if I had paid for all 50, I will be 500 dollars poorer ... I know a friend who watch more than me and choose weekend price to catch them somemore ... wonder how much had he spent on movies just this year ...

hmmmm ... Since U know one of the movies that I paid for ... can you guess which other movie that I had also paid for ... hint is that it's one of the lowest rating review received in Mx so far and the lead actor's name is made up of two first name (like Bruce Wayne)

First correct answer will get the Kungfu Panda Secret Prize


your ex online friend said...

this is very sad. as a movie fan, you should be paying to watch movies, not always watching for free. you should support the distributors, studios, directors, actors, etc. without box-office success, you think your favourite filmmakers can continue to make the films you like?

as a movie fan, you should know better than to be proud of the fact that you don't pay for movies.

richardlimjr said...

regarding paying more than you should .. will write a blog post abt it