Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Dumb Conflict with a Smart Friend

I am stupid ... but I do got smart friends and there is one that constantly impress me with his views

out of the blue, he msg me and told me that he is getting a Ang Mo DVD from Yesasia. Not sure why he msg me and although I got zero interest, I went to check out how much it cost at DeepDiscount ... just to see if he can get a cheaper deal beside Yesasia

Yesasia listed the Dvd @ US$59.95
DeepDiscount listed the Dvd @ US$39.89

and that's not it ... DeepDiscount is having a 20% sale off the price which mean that it's actually US$31.91 (excluding shipping but it's about 2 or 4 dollars ) ... saving him US$28.04

a Stupid person like me who go with the DeepDiscount for this Ang Mo Dvd ... I do buy Dvds from Yesasia but it's more for the HK movies and it just didn't make sense for a stupid person like me as I feel that Ang Mo Dvds will cost cheaper in the Ang Mo side than shipping to Hong Kong before coming over ... the detour confirm will cost extra $

But I was wrong ... because I am stupid

the Smart Person's reason was that "DD is also middleman wat...but better to pay Aisan middleman than pay US middleman AND US dvd maker" Direct Quoting because a stupid person like me might misinterpret his brainy thoughts

why is he so anti American ? because

"u buy anything from US, ur contributing to killing innocent Irqis.....u buy form them, they pay tax, the taxes go to fund their war"

While I didn't like US for attacking under the guise of Peace when it was all about Oil, I am also rather stingy and if there's a avenue to get cheaper deals, I don't understand why pay more ... I don't know where my $ will eventually go to (paying middleman who eventually pay the one that U don't want to pay and therefore paying two parties instead of one) but I can control how the $ will be leaving me

but then again, I am stupid


I tired again and again ... but eventually he went and order with Yesasia ... I told him that from this incident and others (such as the debate over Iron Man, Speed Racer & Hulk with his view belonging to the unpopular group), I find that he got one track mind and even if the substantial errors are pointed out to him, he will find ways and means to just go back to his stance

His reply was "it shows i think things out carefully and dont always follow popular opinion when i know i am right" .... his reply left me stunned ... tho we share different view, I respect him for being so loyal to his views and not so easily moved

Disclaimer: This post might sound mean spirited but the Smart Friend actually had a laugh over this post ... he belongs to my group of friends that I can argue until so fiercely but still know that at the end of the day, no harms were meant.

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