Sunday, June 29, 2008

that Gatsby song

While shopping at NTUC, the supermarket near my place, I over hear the intro tune for that Gatsby Ad ... u know the one with Takuya Kimura of the pop group SMAP dancing and selling the "moving rubber" ... and thought : "wah now supermarket also play musical advertisement in their shops ... quite smart ah "

but it turned out to be the original song that the Gatsby ad is base on ... so quickly, I memorise the chorus bit so can search for the song title later ...

what I could remember was "I can give you anything, cause my love, cause my love" and it sound like a 60s black mama singing it

went to search and couldn't find anything ... then I gave up and search for that Gatsby song "I can give you Gatsby" and wah la ! I got the answer

The Stylistics - I Can't Give You Anything But My Love

so far off the mark ah ...

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