Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Viet Hoe @ Williams St

The first of the list of "Perth Foods I wanna eat on this trip" that gotten strike off ... it's my favourite Vietnam restaurant along William St.

Consumed >

Boneless Chicken Wings

-the inside-

Raw Beef Horfan Soup

Soda, Milk with Egg

Goodies > The number one food that I must consumed from this restaurant would be Boneless Chicken Wings .... it's not really a specialiy from Viet Hoe but I just can't get enough of the crispy fried skin with a blend of meat n vege stuffed inside this wing ... and the best part is (for me) that you get to consume a chicken wing without the need to munch around the boney parts. Together with the sour n slightly spicy dip, it just too fantastic to even care about my diet anymore ...

I tried to make this a couple of times but it's really time consuming to remove the bones and somehow, it's never as tasty as this restuaurant ... Will keep coming back to sample until I can get it right ...

then it's the Raw Beef Horfan, which is cooked just enough by the soup ... yummy but still cant beat the boneless chix

lastly, the drink that I loved to recommend to anyone that accompanying me to the resturant. Most of them will give me the (almost) same expression / reaction .... let see if you will have that kind of frown too ... it's Soda mix with Milk and a Raw Egg ! ... awesome combo right ??? There's even an Orange version to help ppl who cant get use to the Protein Cum Gassy drink combo but I don't really like the Orange Version that much

Yuckies > Folks there are still a bit slow in collecting money ... yup I gotto wait to pay but lucky dont have to wait to sit ...

Cost > A$9 for Raw Beef HOrfan Soup, A$5 for Boneless Chicken Wings (x2) & A$4 for Soda Milk n Egg

Returning (?) > Yup, on every other trip back to Perth, this is a
Must for me

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