Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The first thing that I miss about Perth

I have always wonder what I miss about Perth ... Was it the food, location or activities that I will miss and in a way, use it to define what Perth is to me ...

Moments after I touch down and when to Matt's place ... it became quite clear what the first thing that I miss about Perth and if I ever want to define Perth, it's not thru tourist area like Fremantle or Kings Park... It's not all those yummy food in food ... neither were those activities like Rock Climbing, Sky Diving or Scuba Diving too

It was simply how the cold air smell

I don't know how to define it but once we stop at Matt's last accommodation (before he move into his love nest), it was clear how much I miss the smell of the cold air that contains (what I believe to be) lavender and Ross(wood)?

Yup something so simple and so abundant but those smell with the combination of cold air brought back plenty of memories of those time spend outside in the natural aircon ... some were sweet, pleasant and some were sad and sour ... but I guess that's what life is all about ... the sweet and bitter

One of the reasons that I gave for not re-visiting Perth so soon was that I would like to visit other places that I never been before but somehow, I think part of me wanted to avoid some of the unpleasant memories I had of that place.

But smelling that unique air which I didn't get at Melbourne or Sydney made me realize, it's better to embrace whatever that had happen ... be it good or bad ... somehow the air of Perth had made me fall in Love with this quiet city in ways I never expected ... and to think I used to think people who keep visiting Perth after their studies were stupid ...

Now, I can't wait for my another friend to invite me again to their wedding back in Perth so I can breathe in all those memories again.

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