Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Fave Hideaway

back in those uni days ... come every Friday, this sign is a sign of comfort

Cos it's doing something that I love and anticipate ... the weekly arrival of new comics ... It was a joy to bring forth something that I enjoyed back in Singapore to Perth

and I can't wait to walk down those shaky stairs to the shelves that contain the latest shipment ...

where I can get lost in the world of different arts and story.

the irony part is that ... after I returned back to Singapore, I stopped collecting comics after a while due to fiscal constrain and frankly, I think I outgrew comics ... yeah it took a bit longer for me

But still, I got a strong sentimental feeling for this place .... cos it was a hideaway and comfort zone for me when I was going through some unpleasant phase during my studies ... A friend and I termed those moments as Hell Trip. So some weekends when I was having the blues, these racks (i mean shelves's racks ... don't think too much k) and artwork helped make things bearable

The funny thing was that I never thought of calling this comic shop as my comfort zone or hideaway until I happen to catch an episode of Queer as Folks (Gay Drama Programs that we won't get in Singapore) and one of the character actually does that, escape to his "little" hideaway until one of his friends point out to him that he does that whenever he is feeling the blues.

Yes ... for a short period of time, I wonder am I gay too but then again, that doubt was gone shortly after ...

Anyway, going thru the racks made me realize that there are some titles that I been wanting to check out in Singapore but forgotten to do so and it's up to issues 5 ... that showed me how out of touch am I with the Comics

then while roaming another part of the town, I found out that there another Comics shop .... finally a city as big as Perth is getting more than one comics Shop ... for your info, a country as small as Singapore got more than 5 or 6 Comics shops while Perth all along only got 1 ... it was an indication on how not competitive Perth was but now with the blooming Mining industry and real estate price rocketing up (as my man Matt told me), it seems that finally Perth is stepping up

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