Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Songs heard @ Downunder

Haven't done this for a long time but heard a song playing in a Cd Shop and the singer's voice + the melody made me asked the employee what the song title.... a pleasant surprise as it turn out to be a band from Perth ... how's that, discover a likeable song and it turned out that it's from a local band ...

The Panics - 'Don't Fight It'

it felt like it was the right song for this traveler who is a bit lost (not in the map sense) and is wary of what's next ... maybe i should just do what the song suggest

"I left my heart in places
Forgot everyone of their faces
And tried to navigate a broken path
Of which I may have helped create
In any incident, this is never no accident
To stand alone and
Let the silence make itself at home"

then the next song turned out to be equally catchy and it made me walked all the way back from the Dvd section to check this one out ...

Arcade Fire - No Cars Go

maybe becos I was traveling around Perth without the luxury of a Car (for the first few days)

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