Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jesters Pies @ Carillion City

I had always played with the notion of bringing the franchise of Jesters Pies over to Sg ... it's yummy n chunky inside n crispy on the outside (self realization: I said the same thing abt the boneless chicken wings too) but don't know why, no one ever considered bringing it over ... maybe it's not suitable for local market but hey, who knows, it might create another fad over here

Anyway, striking number 2 off my list of "Perth Foods I wanna eat on this trip"

Consumed >

Footy Pie

Goodies > I just love how the gravy drooling out of the pie and the meaty chunks inside ... siok ah

Yuckies > It's actually hard for me to decide what to get ... so many flavour n yet so little time

Cost > A$4.50

Returning (?) > Yeah ... whenever I come across a Jesters Pie Shop that's not closed

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Your Younger Brother said...

Why wait for others to bring them in? Just bring them in la.

richardlimjr said...
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richardlimjr said...

sure bro ... just give me a few hundred Ks n i will serve u Jesters Pie in SG for free