Thursday, April 03, 2008

Han's Cafe @ William St

The Groom-to-be laughed at me when I mention that I wanted to eat at Han's Cafe ... His take is that it's fake Asian food for the Ang Mos ... actually it isn't on my list till I passed by one of the outlet at Hay Street near my Comics Joint ... I had memories of that place but couldn't remember what was it until I went thru their menu ...

Yeah I remember someone recommended the Pepper Squid Rice to me before ... and I think I got fond memories of that dish or that person which I can't exactly point out in details yet ...

So when the Groom "dumped" me at Williams St after we gotten our suits, I saw the Han's Cafe that I used to frequent back at the Northridge area and the hungry stomach lead me to the cafe for some stomach memory refreshment

Ironically, The Backpacker accommodation (two doors down from Han's Cafe) was the one that I was supposed to stay ... Couldn't find it at where I thought it was supposed to be and rather surprised to see that it's actually quite far up north than I had expected.

Consumed >

Pepper Squid Rice

Lemon Lime Bitter

Goodies > When I got served, I remembered what I was so fond abt this dish ... as again, the crispy fried coating of the Pepper Squid and the munchyness / spongyness of the squid inside : ) there is this sweet & savoury taste the the fried coating that I couldn't get enough of ...

then the Lemon Lime Bitter which was also introduced by my special friend had a poetic feel when I was slurping on the sweet and bitterness of the drink .... I bet she would love to be here right now to makan the dish n drink that she introduced me to

Yuckies > I was surprised to see the expansion of the Han's Cafe around Perth (as listed on their menu) ... I wonder will the standard drop with such franchise-ness to it .... anyway, it wasn't supposed to be good so .... each to his or her own taste

Updated: Another Friend of mine who is currently staying in Perth love the same dish ... sooooooooo different ppl got different taste bud la

Cost > A$17 for both Drinks ... Can't really recall what the breakdown but I'm guessing it's 14 to 10 bucks for food n the rest is for the drinks

Returning (?) > on the Bottom of my list but if there's an opportunity in future, I don't need the menu to know what I am getting at Han's

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