Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mr Samurai @ Perth City

One of the first memorable place that I makan when I first arrived (back during the school days) .... it's memorable because it was supposedly one of the few places that serve good Japanese food at a relatively cheap price.

I didn't think I got any chance of returning to this joint as a couple of times when I visited the city during the weekends, it was closed. I almost missed it to even tho I walked up the street a couple of time because I had forgotten how tucked away this restaurant is from the street.

Anyway, returning to this place had proven a couple of my friends right .... they said that Mr Samurai is no longer nice or cheap anymore

Consumed >

Beef Rice Bowl

Fried Vege

Goodies > The only good thing I would say is that the Fried Vege is still as crispy and make me wonder how to do it. I believe it was the first place that I tried such Japanese style of fried vege but then again, it's rather overpriced

Yuckies > The Beef is so dry ... it's like eating thin slices of beef jerkies and a lot of rice that had no gravy on it. Disappointing from what I used to remember of their beef rice bowl

Cost > should be A$6 bucks for the beef rice bowl and another A$4 for the Fried Vege. Isn't it used to be only A$4.50 for one beef rice bowl ?

Returning (?) > Unlikely as it's no longer cheap or good. One of the most disappointing meals that I had for this Perth Trip

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8 Apr 08 - 5pm

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