Wednesday, April 23, 2008

meeting my first crush again after all these years

Just before visiting my Grandma at hospital, my sixth sense had a sudden flash that I will be meeting a old old friend. True enough, in my Grandma's room, whom she shared with a few others old ladies, I saw pretty girl visiting another patient at the far corner.

I can't help but steal a couple more glances at her than I normally would with other pretty girls as she look like my very first crush back in Primary school.

Yup that is don't know how many donkey years ago ... back before I faced numerous rejection and heartbreaks ... she was the number uno that I fell for and she don't even know about it ...

So when I finally mustered enough courage to asked if she is my first crush primary school mate, she was surprise to find out that I still remember her name when she confirm that we were school mates. I almost wanted to blurt out that I remember your name because you are the very first one that expose me to the notion that girls are not the enemy and they have this magnet that keeps drawing us boys to ... aka in love (in form of puppy or slavery)

Anyway, it turned out that She is married with one Son already ... heart did sank a bit when I learnt that cos my heart did play with the notion that maybe I might get my fairytale ending after all these while .... But still, it been great to catch up with such an old friend and I realize I need to work on my courage bit when speaking to pretty girls cos I was shaking like a leaf ... wonder if my first crush saw that or not : ) hahahaha

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